Britney Spears & Larry Rudolph: Take Three

The manager is back in the picture. Jamie Spears has managed to tame his little girl, at least for now. He’s got her laying low, on a budget and successfully retesting the showbiz waters with a network guest spot.  Good work for a $2,500 a week payout.

Now dad’s tentacles have seemingly reached the man who first made Britney Spears a sexualized virgin child star.

Larry Rudolph and the pop tart are reunited, and we’re guessing it feels soooo good.

After stepping out of the picture during the Kevin Federline era and witnessing along with the rest of us his former client’s dramatic fall from grace, Rudolph has curiously climbed aboard yet again.

Though he’s currently consumed with his Rock the Cradle music-progeny competition, which premieres on MTV this week, he’s back to touting Brit-Brit on his MySpace page.

And we wait with baited breath to see how the man with a plan intends to roll out this kahuna of a comeback.

The clock is ticking…