McDreamy Is Serious About Comedy and His Pecs

Parade magazine sat down for one of its notoriously hard-hitting interviews with Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and asked the man with the lustrous curls and perpetual stubble which was easier, dramatic or comedic roles.

“Drama is easier,” McDreamy said, “because you just have to have the emotion and not get caught acting, but comedy is much harder. I like physical comedy. And I like the old comedies. I really do.”

By “old” it can be assumed that’s referring to any comedy from over ten years ago, since his romantic comedy Made of Honor is obviously just a remake of My Best Friend’s Wedding with gender roles reversed and minus a healthy dose of pre-face-lift Rupert Everett.

Dreamy Dempsey also admitted to suffering from a bout of “pec envy” when in the presence of his muscularly gifted costar Eric Dane aka Dr. McSteamy.

“There’s a lot of pressure being a man [in Hollywood],” he bemoaned. And to wipe away his tears, he used a handful of $100 bills.


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