Lindsay Lohan: Sleeping with the Enemy

File this under: How’d they do that? Never one for understatement, celebrity foible follower TMZ just flew under the radar with a geniously executed and unmarqueed on-air appearance by Lindsay Lohan.

Yes, that Lindsay.  The one who has been tracked relentlessly by the very site that has sated us with photos of her booze-guzzling, bush-crashing, accident-ditching, 84-minute-serving rollercoaster ride.

As you know but would never admit, a running theme in the TMZ show is the site’s 6:30 a.m. editorial meeting.

LiLo plays a staffer who had seen, well, LiLo in a market… dare we say it, shopping! Agonizing over which type of Cheerios to choose. (Come on, is there really a question? Honey Nut, hands down!)

Why would she do it? Harvey Levin’s not talking, that’s for sure. He played it nothing but coy during a visit to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show.

But we ask: Why wouldn’t she do it? With her career almost in the toilet for anything but paparazzi fodder, life can only get better. Hey, we like her more already!