'Idol' Ouster: Buh-Bye, Malubay

'Idol' Ouster: Buh-Bye, Malubay-photo

And then there were eight. Flanked by roommates Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White, who also felt the flames of finality flickering at their heels, Ramiele Malubay sobbingly left American Idol.

The pint-size 20-year-old from Florida, whose sweet spot is anything but a little bit country, tried to pull off Dolly Parton's "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind."

But Ramiele's entry into Dollywood-meets-Hollywood came off warbly, whiny and wobbly, and she continued her weekly streak in the bottom three.

And man, did the tears flow, leaving Ryan Seacrest to brand her exit "the most emotional results show we've ever had" in her ayem postmortem on his KIIS-FM radio show.

Oh, come on. Cry us a river. Sure, no one wants to get the boot in front of tens of millions, but the opportunists are lurking around the corner. Look at Sanjaya. Hell, look at William Hung

Ramiele should cry, all right—all the way to the bank.



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  • alesia

    i wish i could love my stretch marks too

  • Tom, Dark Angel fan.
    Tom, Dark Angel fan.

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  • garrybumgarden

    she's hot...... & if jack black can nail her......i could easy. but my bum garden isnt as big as mr blacks. but.....the jedi forbids me for movie work. unless it's star trech.

  • 2crazy4u


  • Dan

    So cute...

  • ulysseus

    i love jessica alba.