Mama Spears Demands Pre-Nup for Jamie Lynn

She watched one daughter give away millions to an ex (cough, Brit-Brit, cough), now Lynne Spears is putting her southern-fried foot down on pregnant teen Jamie Lynns wedding plans to babydaddy Casey Aldridge.

In Touch Weekly reveals, “The contract is already drawn up and ready to go—Lynne’s not sure marriage is a good idea, but she’ll go along with that if that’s what Jamie Lynn wants—as long as Casey signs the contract.”

No doubt the Zoey 101 star is all gooey-eyed with puppy love and surging hormones, but given that she’s been seen all over tarnation loading up shopping carts by her lonesome, no one’s betting this one’s gonna go the distance.

And what with Jamie Lynn’s TV payday and the milz she’s gonna rake in on those baby pics, we say this is one case where mama knows best.

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