McConaughey, P.I.?

In a bit of news that could have come straight from central casting, Entertainment Weekly says Matthew McConaughey has been offered the Tom Selleck role in the big-screen adaptation of Magnum, P.I.

He’s mulling, we hear—so allow us to throw in some points to tip the scales:

  • TV-to-movie projects are huge. We’re all getting older, who doesn’t want to rekindle the happy memories of their youth? Who cares if they never measure up? A payday’s a payday.
  • Hawaii, man! Can’t keep that trailer at the Malibu RV Park forever—you’ve got a baby on the way.
  • Think of all the bare-chested buffing up you could get in on your downtime. Get yourself some new gear as a tax write-off.
  • J.K. Living—remember that? Your new beach-inspired clothing line wants us to Just Keep Living. Do it.

This is meant to be. Take it, and make us stop yearning.

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