Britney Spears Pulls a Hardy Boys Job

You can spin it any of several ways: presents for mom-to-be baby sis birthday girl Jamie Lynn, meet and greet for a possible new clothing collaboration, maybe gig as the new company spokesman…

Any way you toss it, Britney Spears scored big with a visit to the Ed Hardy warehouse in Culver City and a kiss-kiss with company bigwig Christian Audigier.

Just watch the boxes being loaded into her caravan of SUVs, and tally it up in your head. Math whizzes, we ain’t, but it’s… a buttload.

Attempting to show she has a genteel side, the fried green tomato kept offering up, “I think I have enough,” but worker bees insisted they’d barely even scratched the surface.

Sorry, you regular Joes, the more stars have, the more people give—it’s a harsh reality of celebrity life.