Hey! Ho! Heidi Can’t Vote!

Heidi Montag [HEARTS] John McCain, right? He’s her guy, and she’s sticking by him. Every candidate needs all the votes they can get, and support from a Hills hottie pushes a contender into uncharted territory.

One problem: Radar mag has unearthed the little wrinkle that she isn’t registered to vote! Not in her current hang of Los Angeles, or her hometown of Crested Butte, Colorado.

Radar, in all its graciousness, offers Montag a handy clickable list of places where she can register, since she technically has till 15 days before the election to do so.

Get moving, Heidi, your man needs you!

[links] http://radarmagazine.com/exclusives/2008/04/heidi-montag-vote-not-registered-mccain-the-hills-spencer-pratt.php