Hey, WGA, George Clooney’s Mad as Hell, and He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore

The Writers Guild of America, in a mandatory credit-disputing arbitration, has ruled against George Clooney 2-1 in his quest for writer’s credit on Leatherheads, leaving original scribes, ex Sports Illustrated staffers Duncan Brantley and Rick Reilly, with sole penning credit.

Clooney, who directed and stars in the football coming-of-age flick, had claimed he rewrote all but two scenes. The movie was hobbled in development for 17 years before the actor had his way with it.

Angered by the decision, Clooney has opted to go “financial core” with the guild, which means he’s still a dues-paying member but loses voting rights.  According to Variety, he would have quit altogether if he could, but he would no longer be able to pen scripts for guild productions.

Producing partner Grant Heslov says this action was Clooney’s “form of protest.”

Way to go, George, you let ‘em have it. Let’s just hope that after this opening weekend, you don’t wish your name was off more than the writing.