Carrie Underwood Text Breakup

One boy down, so many others to come. Or so it seemed, as Carrie Underwood spiced up the Idol Gives Back red carpet with a nugget to Extra that she and Gossip Girl gewgaw Chace Crawford “broke up over text, so it’s like ‘peace out.'”

Ouch! And mind you, the season 4 winner of American Idol never even confirmed that the two were dating. For weeks we watched them parallel dine a deux throughout New York and L.A., never allowing their hot little fingers to touch, lest they be ratted out by a ‘razzo.

According to Chace’s little sister and Miss USA contender Candice Crawford, “He was upset about the breakup. It’s always hard when you lose a relationship.”

But to be zinged via text message? We feel for ya, sweet potato. LMIRL! :-><-: