Lauren Conrad Walks Softly but Carries a Big Stick for the NHL

In a move best filed under WTF, Lauren Conrad has signed on with the National Hockey League’s second annual celebrity outreach, to pen a blog showing her excitement for the game during the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoff season.

Other T-town players giving an assist to the NHL include Dave Annable, Jason Reitman, David Boreanaz, Eddie Cahill, Tom Cavanagh, William Fichtner, Kevin Smith, Dierks Bentley and hockey wife Willa Ford-Modano.

Them we get. Okay, not really—but Lauren? It just has us scratching our heads. She makes a valiant attempt to make it seem less of a stretch: “I’m blogging about the NHL playoffs because I love live hockey and I thought this would be a fun way to get more involved with the Post-Season. Funny enough though, I’ve been going to Kings games with friends I grew up with in Laguna Beach, in the heart of Ducks country.”

Her beloved Kings, alas, are out of the running for this year, so she’s transferred her ardor to the Anaheim Ducks.

And—wait for it—she wants fan help. “Is there anything you guys think I should know as I watch the Ducks?” she asks, ever blogger-like.

Trouble is, we’re not sure anyone who’s ever heard of L.C. knows a lick about passouts, five holes and poke checks—unless it’s in the bushes outside of Villa.


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