Natalie Portman Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

What is it with Hollywood’s smart girls and their freakazoid boyfriends? Natalie Portman has hitched her wagon to one decidedly bohemian star, Devendra Banhart.

In a sign that her romance with modelicious Nathan Bogle is belly up (damn, and we were just starting to warm to Nat-Nat), Natalie cuddled with ultra-indie Devendra in NYC’s West Village.

We’ll assume love bloomed when he contributed an exclusive tune to the FINCA benefit CD she compiled, and then she came over to look at his, um, etchings and stayed to star in his video for “Carmensita.”

Not hip to this freak-folk god? Well, as the troubadour for the rebirth of hippie chic, he’s nothing if not adaptable. He lives in Jim Morrison’s old Topanga Canyon love shack with an ever-revolving stable of buds. And he even wants you to dress him!

So, since we love us some Portman—the girl’s got some smokin’ instincts—we’re withholding judgment on this one. How ’bout you?