Rosie O’Donnell Aching to Fan the Abuse Flames

In the haiku-laden purgefest that is, Rosie O’Donnell is ever so subtly fighting back against a tabloid report that she manhandled her 12-year-old son, Parker, to the psychological detriment of her three younger kids.

Mind you, ever so subtly are not words typically associated with Rosie, who spews with vitriol and ease on far lesser matters.

But in this video blog entry (hang tight through the drivel—it’s about halfway through), she addresses why a more head-on reply hasn’t posted: “You’re not supposed to comment, but you know it’s the only thing going through my mind—it only fuels the fire.”

Users have given her equal opportunity to fire back in the Ask Rosie section: “Geeze, the length people will go to give you crap. All moms lose patience with teens sometime!” To which Rosie said, “It’s the listen to me arm grab” [typos and lack of punctuation hers, natch].

Alas, the fat lady has not sung on this one. Rosie will unclip her tongue any second now!