‘American Idol’ Commemorative Stamps

Wanna put your tongue all over Kelly Clarkson? Or maybe big boy Ruben Studdard gets you salivating? Well, now American Idol is going postal, with a line of stamps as part of the charity effort for Idol Gives Back.

Some 100,000 20-stamp sheets are being made for each of the six Idols, plus this year’s winner. If all of them go, exec producer Nigel Lythgoe tells USA Today it would net Idol Gives Back about $7 million.

At this writing, the show has yet to top last year’s $76 million fundraising effort, but Lythgoe is aiming for $100 mil.

Don’t rush out to the post office just yet. The stamps are only available online through photostamps.com or the Idol Website. Kelly is the first stamp out, followed on successive Tuesdays by the next five and, finally, the season-seven winner in May.

Make that during May sweeps, ’cause nothing in Hollywood is coincidental.

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