Heidi Montag Makes Her Move

Gotta hand it to Heidi Montag. Not one thing about this girl screams quality and career longevity, but she is riding those 15 minutes like nobody’s business.

Her latest move? A transformation of Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood & Highland complex – you know, home of the Kodak Theater – into Heidiwood & Highland.

ACK! The hoopla is to hawk a runway-style unveiling of her new line for Anchor Blue, aimed at girls 16-21. “I plan to get my hands dirty on this one,” Heidi says in a press release. “Each and every piece will have my initial input, feedback and final approval stamped all over it.”

The event is open to anyone who strolls by, and that place is a mecca for hoi polloi with no sartorial mettle. It’s gonna be a madhouse. No word yet if Heidi’s maybe-estranged Svengali Spencer Pratt is behind this one or if long-lost BFFs Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth will show.

For the record once again, ACK!