Forget The DUI, Richie Sambora May Be A Bad Dad

On the heels of Richie Sambora’s March 25 arrest for suspicion of driving his Hummer while intoxicated, police have recommended that he be hit with child endangerment as well.

Make that some police. A TMZ update reports “a significant number of officers” disagree on the case’s overall charges: “There was no smell of alcohol on his breath, and no evidence of dangerous or erratic driving.”

Among Richie’s passengers were his and Heather Locklear’s 10-year-old daughter, Ava, as well as her teenage cousin and his girlfriend Jenn Mallini of Girls Gone Wild apparel fame.

Cops are asking for a misdemeanor child endangerment charge, pending results of the Bon Jovi guitarist’s blood-alcohol test. The Laguna Beach D.A. has until Richie’s next hearing, on May 7, to determine if they will act on the police recommendation.

Either way, rest assured that somewhere in L.A., a steaming Heather Locklear is recalculating how her ex gives love a bad name while plotting her next move. Sole custody, anyone?