Paris Hilton: Two, Two, Two Rifts in One

Breaking news: Paris Hilton does not play nicely with others. She may look soft and harmless, but when she has you in her crosshairs, there is no escape.

P.Hilt is adding fuel to feud fires, at least when it comes to bootyful Kim Kardashian and probation-addled Mischa Barton.

Perez Hilton unearths a little tete-a-tete the heiress has with the boys over at KLUC radio, in which she blows a little poison dart straight into Kardashian’s ass, saying it “reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

Now, everyone knows these two despise each other, but dammit, no one is saying why, and it wasn’t that long ago when the two celebutards were were all wet and wild together.

The Barton enmity is well doc’d, with ire sure to be stirred up while they both femme up the current Good Charlotte tour. Seems Misch-babe is dating guitarist Taylor Rocke of opening act Rooney. Safe to assume they’re traveling in separate buses.

Just another day in the life for the pomp that is Paris.