Heidi On ‘TRL’, Rapping With Nelly

White girls can’t rap. And white, blonde Hills ditzes shouldn’t even try. But Heidi Montag did just that, kickin’ it with Nelly on MTV’s TRL while promoting her music, her Heidiwood fashion line and her continuing angst on The Hills.

Check it:

Yo, yo

I got Heidiwood

I’m wearing it all day

I like it, so what do you got to say

You got apple bottoms, what

You know what’s going up

Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing

You know what I like to say

Every day, I’m in New York

It’s all good this way

Ever gracious, Nelly gave her an A for effort, while host Damian Fahey said she was flowing, all right—flowing like a leaky prostate.

She left the studio shadowed by Svengali Spencer Pratt. Interesting given last night’s girls’ night gone wrong episode. The venom was sure in the air then.

As for a movie version of The Hills, Heidi says no way. “I’m not sure if for my first movie I’d let Lauren Conrad narrate me, so no, I don’t think that would be something I would do.”

But wait for it—she has grander aspirations. “If I was doing movies, I’d want it to be with Denzel Washington or something like that.”

Hey, a girl can dream. But when it comes to a big-screen version of our beloved Hills, apparently we cannot.


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