‘Sex’ and Death Inextricably Intertwined

Those Sex and the City babes sure know how to tease. Cynthia Nixon let slip at the Creation Nation comedy show in NYC that a character in the big-screen version dies—but refused to say who, preferring instead to riff on her lezzy lifestyle with host Billy Eichner.

Wanting to sate the global curiosity, New York Mag launches an in-house duel.

Think four possibilities: Samantha (breast cancer or sex toy gone wrong), Steve’s mom (but then again, who’d care?), Mr. Big (remember those “leaked” shots of Carrie gone brunette? Goes so much better with mourning couture!) or Charlotte (she’s extraneous to the quartet anyway, right?).

Any of those workin’ for you? Try thinking sequel, and see what leaves the, um, Biggest hole to fill. See ya at the multiplex!