Beyoncé & Jay-Z Diss ‘n’ Make Up

The ink has barely dried on their NY marriage license, but according to The Mirror, the honeymoon is already over for Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Or is it? If you ask People, the celeb-heavy Barack Obama fundraiser at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl on April 16 was a newlywed lovefest.

Other sites, not so much. To kick off the festivities, seems Jay took to rapping over some tunes. When the DJ slipped in Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” her hubby said before a packed house, “F–k that. Sorry, Bey, but f–k that … let’s play something else.”

And, ooooh, mama was pissed. Witnesses said, “After he came offstage, she confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about. She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy. Like any good husband, Jay-Z groveled and tried to get out of it with compliments.”

The tactic worked, as the two were simpatico anew and back People pleasin’ at an after-bash at the Hollywood Roosevelt, where they clung to each other for the rest of the night.

Ain’t love grand?


A Socialite Life: Beyonce and Jay-Z Feud and Make Nice