Britney & Adnan Still Doin’ It?!

Dad Jamie has his hairy hand scratching around in all corners of Britney Spears’ life. But the pop tart did have one secret, now it’s out, according to In Touch Weekly: Brit-Brit and greasy, Hot Topic-swathed ‘razzo Adnan Ghalib are not over.

The revelation comes courtesy of wackster Kathy Griffin, who recently hit the streets of Hollywood for a Ghalib tête-à-tête and dropped jaws to the floor.

Turns out Adnan and Kathy were trying to wring some life from what’s left of his 15 minutes for her My Life on the D-List Bravo show. And now she’s talking: “As far as I know, Britney is still attracted to him.”

During what’s sure to prove a hilarious trip to Victoria’s Secret, there were an “astonishing number of calls Adnan took from a ‘private caller’ whose name rhymes with Prlitney Splears,” Griffin added.

Don’t be surprised if Britney winds up with a GPS covertly squeezed into the base of her Bic in her big ol’ Balenciaga.


Socialite Life: Kathy Griffin and Adnan Ghalib: Pop Fuction Is Stupid

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