Jonas Bro Sees Salvation in Slutty Views of Miley Cyrus

Joe Jonas, middle son of tween heartthrob hack band the Jonas Brothers has spoken out to Us Weekly about a recent photo of good friend Miley Cyrus showing off what she bought at Vicky’s Secret. While she was wearing it.

The young and filthy rich Hannah Montana actress had that picture and several other provocative photos posted on the Internet recently.

Young Mr. Jonas feels that everyone makes mistakes, and he stands by his pal Miley.

“We’re good friends of hers, and we got her back and we love her to death,” he said.

Well, yeah, you love her to death! She’s showing off the goods, and you probably saw more in those photos than you ever saw of her back on the tour bus. Of course, teenage boys are going to support that cause. Just because they have gay hair doesn’t mean they automatically bat for the pink team.

“I think it’s just the way you come out of it,” he said. “As much as they say, no one’s perfect and everybody makes their mistakes. I think it’s the way you handle it and come out of it the proper and respectful way.”

Translation: Put your shirt back on in public, but here’s my E-mail address if you shoot anything else interesting, honey.