David Archuleta’s Pop Pops ‘Stage Dad’ Rumors

He’s the season seven “one to beat” on American Idol, but David Archuleta, all of a sweet 17, comes with baggage—and it speaks.

The babyfaced, tween-teasing singer’s father, Jeff Archuleta, has come out swinging, telling Us Weekly there’s “absolutely no truth in any of the stories about me yelling at David, making him cry or withholding water from him.”

He recalls wee-hours father-son time and says he has no idea why he’s being targeted. “I encourage him,” he says, “but that’s a lot different from forcing and threatening—I’ll ask him what he feels good about, and we’ll arrive at a consensus.”

Consensus—yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s why David was recently lambasted by Simon, who “would be amazed if it was you who chose the song.” Or why Naomi Judd recalls Jeff as a monster stage dad even back in the kid’s Star Search days, where he’s said to have been so overbearing he was banned from the lot.

When asked how he’ll celebrate if David takes it all on Idol, Jeff says, “I haven’t thought about it.” Maybe he needs to take a minute, or he won’t get to find out at all.