Moscow Hyatt Not Mad at Paris Hilton

The Sun reported earlier today that Paris Hilton had been made persona non grata at the Hyatt in Moscow after writing her name on the wall of the presidential suite.

A picture of the nutrient-deficient socialite has been circulating on the Internet. The image was taken during a photo shoot in the room and features, surprise, a scantily clad Paris striking one of her signature poses in front of the words Paris [Heart] Moscow 2008 inked on the wall behind her.

Since then, Hilton’s rep informed Access Hollywood that not only had Paris not been blacklisted from the hotel but there was no truth to the report that she had been fined $9,000 for the vandalism.

In fact, the eldest Hilton sib is booked to stay at that very same Hyatt for her fragrance launch next month, according to her mouthpiece, who added that the entire story was “completely false.”

Like the notion that any aroma emanating from Paris is worth paying for.