Line for Britney’s Bucks Gets One Longer

And you thought Britney Spears was getting back to work. Turns out she’s realizing she needs to keep that gravy train revving. Seems the state of California is the latest to demand the pop tart pay up, this time to the tune of $23,589.17 for the 2004 earnings of one of her many umbrella companies, Britney Online.

Add that to the $400K lawyers’ judgment, $2,500 weekly Jamie Spears paychecks and the general tears of just being Spears that her estate needs to cover, and you can see how the urgency might be beginning to hit home.

Maybe that’s why was seen heading into Bev Hills’ East West Bank on Tuesday.

In other news, she’s starting to look like the old Brit-Brit; those daily, non-geographically desirable workouts are really paying off.



Socialite Life: Britney Spears Works Out, Pays Bills