Alicia’s Keys Need Tuning

Two tour dates from Alicia’s As I Am Tour have been canceled, according to E! Online, as a result of the R&B singer’s “swollen vocal chords.”

Her ailing pipes forced nixing of an April 22 show in Pittsburgh, as well as her April 24 Cleveland gig. However, the prognosis for the rest of the young warbler’s tour remains positive, with Keys planning on returning to the stage for her Saturday show in Columbus, Ohio.

The conspiracy-obsessed singer might find it an uncanny coincidence that her opening act, Jordin Sparks, was suffering from a vocal cord hemorrhage just last week and has no plans on returning to the tour until next month.

First gangsta rap and now R&B. Where will the government draw the line when it comes to meddling in our consumption of popular culture? Is the CIA secretly responsible for Bobby Brown’s foray into country music?


Socialite Life: Alicia Keys Can’t Sing