Amy Winehouse Gets Punchy and Pinched

Amy Winehouse was arrested today on suspicion of assault. She reportedly crack-attacked a couple of guys while on a pub crawl in the early a.m. One man was allegedly punched in the face, and she supposedly head-butted another. There must be some bricks in that wacko stack!

Crackhouse refused to take the situation overly seriously. She spoke to police at 2 p.m. and made a junkie’s promise to turn herself in. The songstress proved true to her word, but first she got her hair did, took her godchild to Mickey D’s and went down the pub. When she finally showed up to the clink at 5:30 p.m., the police threw away the key.

Without naming names, oddly, a Scotland Yard spokesperson said, “A 24-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of assault after attending a central London police station by appointment. She is currently in custody.”

On the evening in question, Amy also openly smoked a joint in a bar, shopped for tabloids and broke into her own house. This is in addition to karate-attacking two dudes. Crack is whack, but apparently it can turn you into a ninja.


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