Amy Winehouse Is Finally Using Her Head

A loopy-looking Amy Winehouse spent Tuesday night bar-hopping through Camden in North London on the arm of Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall. Winehouse’s drinking binge started earlier in the day at her home, and she diverted the good-time party train to the bars around 8:30 p.m., reports the Daily Mail.

Allegedly, the raven-haired hellraiser was under the influence of controlled substances when she lashed out at 27-year-old Moroccan musician Mustapha el Mounmi during her liver-wilting field trip. The volatile, rat’s nest-sporting singer allegedly “smashed [Mounmi’s] face hard” after he refused to relinquish his spot at the table.

At Bar Tok at 2 a.m., Amy really let loose, allegedly screaming for drugs as she overturned tables and threw drinks. A witness told The Sun that during her tirade, she yelled, “I am a legend; get these people out. I want to take drugs.” Yikes. Is Whitney Houston writing Amy’s rants for her now?

And the fun didn’t stop there. When Amy finally left the bar at 2:45, she encountered a man who it is assumed was offering her a cab. He was thanked with a head-butt from the lovely Mrs. Winehouse-Fielder-Civil.

Suffice it to say, long after the gent has purged the scent of pickled skank from his scalp with numerous latherings, rinsing and repeatings, the image of a deranged, frothy-mouthed, Chiclet-toothed Amy charging at him will linger in his nightmares.


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