The World According to Ashton

Last month, Harper’s Bazaar bagged Demi Moore, now it’s Ashton Kutcher’s turn to to purge. And the legions of babelies out there who hang on his every word can rest easy knowing he reveres you.

“I love women,” he says. “I like the way they thinkâ�¦the way they flirt by flipping their hair. I’m astounded by the feminine pain threshold (I’ve witnessed childbirth), fragility (PMS is a bitch) and strength (my sister used to beat me up).”

Yeah, he loves him some girlie actionâ�¦but he doesn’t like it handed to him. Herein are some of Ashtonâ��s self-penned rules of nonattraction:

  • “I like seeing a female body as much as the next guy, but a midriff on display does not do it for me”
  • “If I can smell your perfume and we’re not making out, you’re wearing too much”
  • “Women who wear big blingin’ stones don’t look like they have a lot of money; they look like they have a lot of someone else’s money.”
  • “Go outside your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable showing the whole package, show a little less. If you’re not, show a little more.”

Feel better now, girls? You’ll have to fight Demi, but go get him.