Amy Winehouse Rich in Love and Money

Been a big weekend for Amy Winehouse. After pretty much skating out of bobby custody for that head-banging escapade, the chanteuse gone wrong has worked her inescapable wiles on a new plaything.

Amy has reportedly honed her carnal knowledge with Alex Haines, cherub-faced assistant of her longtime manager, while ne’er-do-well hubby Blake Fielder-Civil rots in Pentonville lockup.
And for once, her parents dare to be hopeful, with mom Janis Winehouse telling the Sunday Mirror, “He’s a lovely boy—gentle and sweet—Their relationship was professional to begin with, but if they’ve made something of it, I’m thrilled. Alex is a good boy.”

Pops Mitch is a bit more cautious. “I don’t like infidelity,” he told reporters. “I can’t imagine Alex seducing Amy. He looks like Clark Kent. It was clearly the other way round.”

One thing everyone wants is for Amy to wash that Fielder-Civil outta her rat’s nest: “Blake has sent her down the wrong path. She needs a man she can depend on,” mum said.

Yep, someone who won’t blow her $20 mil fortune, as tallied by the Sunday Times, which named the crackhead to its annual Rich List.

Better keep your eye on that newbie in Amy’s life. There just may be some skeletons in his closet…