Lindsay Takes Her Husband’s Name

Lindsay Lohan has taken her devotion to best friend 4-EVA Samantha Ronson to new heights of pseudo-lesbian cheesy. She has apparently created a Facebook page under the name “Lindsay Ronson.”

The page, which has since been veiled behind enough walls of Facebookian privacy to rival Area 51, lists Hills star Lauren Conrad, Marc Jacobs, Jacobs’ ex-rent boy Jason Preston, useless Internet buzz girl Cory Kennedy and model Jessica Stam as “friends.”

Gawker has screen caps of the Facebook page in question, on which Mrs. Ronson explains away her recent very public falling off the wagon in NYC: “dont [sic] believe the hype. Im taking my sobriety seriously, and day by day. it was 430 am!!”

LiLo’s enemies have also found this special tribute to her love as well. Seems Lohan had a tiff with model Lauren Hastings last year in which nasty text messages advising weight loss and accusations of thievery were tossed about.

Ms. Hastings has apparently been airing her grievances via the page: “Actually your [sic] the one who is looking pretty fuckin’ thick these days,” reads one posting on Lindsay’s “wall.”

Ah, Facebook pages dedicated to your girl crush and catty bitches working it out over the Internet. High school is eternal.


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