Star Jones’ Hubby for Hire Quit Last Year

The woman whose Website bears the quote, “I am the author of the dictionary that defines me,” appears to have rewritten the entry for “sugar mama.” However, the Star Jones gravy train screeched to a halt about a year ago, when husband Al Reynolds mentally and financially absolved himself of all responsibility to his lawyer wife.

A spy recounted to the New York Daily News a very public spat the loving couple had in Saint-Tropez. The root of their discord? Beach chairs, for which Al refused to hand over any cash. “[Star] paid for everything. He never even took out his wallet.”

Meanwhile, the sweater-set-loving good-time boy has been consoling himself over the end of his relationship to his Incredible Shrinking Ex-Wife by rocking the Miami club sceneâ��hard. A South Beach source revealed, “He hits Mansion, Privé, Mokai and the Florida Room at the Delano four nights a week.”

Star and Al’s separate living arrangements have been going on for about a year now, with Reynolds working as a professor of social science (fancy wording for “party expert”) at Florida Memorial University.

Itâ��s probably a safe bet that Al’s income from academia might not be enough to pay for the lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed. Argyle sweaters and bow-ties don’t come cheap, you know.

Who woulda thought that the diamond ring he put on Star’s then sausage of a finger would have ended up being such a shrewd investment? Maybeâ��s the man’s more of a “Wall Street financier” than he’s being given credit for.