Hulk Hogan Gets to the Bottom of His Baby Brooke

Celebuzz | April 29, 2008 - 10:15 am

Whoa, whassup, Hulk Hogan? That bandanna too tight? One too metal chairs to the head? Not much else can explain you thinking it’s okay to feel up daughter Brooke Hogan’s nether-regions while enjoying an L.A. heat wave poolside.

Equally scary is that she seems to like it, despite the (not pictured) presence of her new wisp of a boyfriend Jonathan.

Hulk’s lady love Jennifer McDaniel was in da house, too, but she’s a dead ringer for both his daughter and his storied ex-wife. Maybe daddy can’t tell who the hell he’s slathering.

And oh how this skin is soft as a baby’s butt, wait a minute, it IS a baby’s butt. YOUR baby. Get your damn hands out of her crotch, man!