‘Sex and the City’ Hags Still Haggin’

The gals from Sex and the City are resurrecting age-old personal problems to spice up the marketing for the new movie. Seems Sarah Jessica Parker’s marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Kim Cattrall, well, hates Sarah Jessica Parker.

Our beloved Carrie says being wedded to Broadway superstar Matthew Broderick isn’t all bright lights and rose bouquets at the backstage door. Nathan Lane gets all her hubby’s affection!

“I’m really lucky he is the father of my son, but we’ve had some rather treacherous train rides. I’m sure there are many times he wishes he wasn’t with me,” she says. Shockingly, Matthew appears to feel the same way as every other heterosexual male despiser of his wife’s show.

And Kim feels the way the men do!

Samantha Jones is still complaining about the difference in pay between her and leading lady Parker. She reportedly held out on signing for the movie because it wasn’t gonna be enough bank.

And even though she finally achieved a sum she was happy with, it doesn’t mean she likes the rest of those bitches.

“Do you get along with your colleagues all the time? If you’re spending 18 hours a day at work, the last thing you want to do is go and have a drink with the people who you just [spent the day with], Kim says.

Amen. You know Kim’s really pissed because Patricia Fields gives SJP all the cute shoes. And Sarah never had to show her boobies.

The movie opens on May 30. Judging by these reports, look for a full-on drunken meltdown by one of these harridans at the premiere.