Trump Tops O. J. Simpson’s Hit List

Erstwhile double-homicide defendant O. J. Simpson made it known that he wanted a spot on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice reality series, and, for a moment there, it looked as if Donald Trump and the network were both giving the idea serious consideration.

However, TMZ is claiming that once the Donald and the Peacock factored in the risks of possible dead celebrity contestants against the potential ratings boon of having O. J. onboard, they ultimately decided the negative PR from covering up the murder of some fading star attempting a reality-TV comeback was too much work.

If O. J.’s looking to break into reality television, he might have better luck snagging a spot on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He’s probably still paying off legal fees to Robert Kardashian’s estate, so why shouldn’t Kim toss him a bone?


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