Kathy Griffin Blasphemy Pisses Off Disney

Fame-whoring comedienne Kathy Griffin was all set to guest skank on Disney�s smash Miley Cyrus vehicle Hannah Montana, but the Mouseketeers pulled the plug. Kathy believes it�s because she directed the Lamb of God to give oral.

“I was fired from Hannah Montana for my ‘suck it, Jesus’ remark,” Griffin told ew.com. “Which I can tell you now that Miley Cyrus has been flashing her green bra and posing topless.â��

Griffin infamously took the Lord�s name in vain during her acceptance speech at the 2007 Creative Arts Emmys. In a tribute to irritating trophy winners who profusely thank Jesus when they�re handed a trophy, Griffin concluded onstage that God had nothing to do with her win, and �this award is my god now!�

It was never officially reported that the My Life on the D-List star was signed on for Hannah Montana, and Disney denies she the guest appearance was nixed because of her awards speech.

“With all casting decisions, a ‘pass’ or ‘accept’ is ultimately a creative decision,” a Disney channel spokeswoman said. “The ‘pass’ on Kathy Griffin in a particular guest role had nothing to do with comedy routines or public comments.”

Whatever happened, America wins! We�re sure to get an entire half-hour Bravo ep of Kathy Griffin hating on Miley. Huzzah!

Just Jared: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/04/30/kathy-griffin-hannah-montana/