People Hot for ‘Gossip Girl’ Stars

People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful” issue is upon us, and a sneak peek online at 18 choices from the well-crafted list reveals the entire cast of Gossip Girl snagged a spot.

The full list of 100 has yet to be made public, but is it possible that GG’s “unscripted” MTV counterpart The Hills will remain a glaring omission? That would be fantastic!

Why should the feuds between vapid television personalities be confined to the dramatics that we tune in for every week? The number of threatened sex-tape exposures that would be flung around as a result would be staggering and a joy to behold.

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley told People: “I assure you, we are all fun and charming as hell.”

Ooh, let’s see if the Hills kids dare to be delusional enough to say the same about themselves.

Just Jared
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