‘Radar’ Proclaims the Age of the ‘Aristo-Brat’

It’s a new age, people! Radar magazine has deemed this prime time for aristo-brats, the sons and daughters of celebrities, who are making names for themselves despite their youth and lack of any discernible skills.

It’s the growing industry of burgeoning minicelebs such as Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, who recently made her social debut at a Gucci party at the United Nations. All Lourdes has going for her is an intergalactically famous mom and the eyebrows of an Armenian butcher, but every paper the next day deemed her appearance at the party a success.

“Given our national obsession with corporate branding, the phenomenon of second-generation celebrity should come as no surprise. Increasingly, children are just brand extensions in person, form human sequels, easier to green-light than untested projects,” the mag says.

Included in the list of “Top 50 Aristo-Brats to Look Out for in 2008″ is Emma Roberts (17, Julia Roberts’ gummy niece and, yes, a Nickelodeon star in her own right), Miley Cyrus (15, nude model for Vanity Fair and tween superstar), Bindi Irwin (9, daughter of deceased crocodile hunter and host of her own show) and Rumer Willis (19, genetically disadvantaged daughter of Bruce, Demi and Ashton).

Radar mentions that a famous name is so valuable that some A-list progeny actually abandon their given last names to take the more famous name on either parent’s side. This is usually on the advice of their agents. Socialite Lydia Hearst, formerly known as Lydia Shaw, is a prime example.

Then there’s also the annoying phenomenon of parents forging a career for themselves off of their child’s name. Throw that nepotism in reverse, Joe Simpson and Dina Lohan!