Heidi Klum Tries to Give Victoria Beckham a Fat Ass

Heidi Klum doesn’t mess around. She could be a Mean Girl with this kind of scheming. She has gifted “friend” Victoria Beckham with a year’s supply of cupcakes. Some friend. Victoria’s going to end up as one of those women who’s fused to her couch!

The confections, from L.A.’s chichi Sprinkles bakery, are to fete Posh’s 34th annum, and one dozen will arrive every Friday for the 52 weeks. All in all, that’s 170,000 calories. Victoria isn’t exactly known for entering eating competitions. In fact, she appears to subsist on the condensation of the side of Diet Coke cans and the occasional asparagus spear.

“It will cost Heidi around $2,000,” a source says. “The card said ‘Happy Birthday, expect a dozen every Friday! Love, Heidi.'”

Evil bitch with her gift of hellish temptation. Victoria Beckham once told Barbara Walters she doesn’t even eat cookies. There’s no way she’s turning to frosting-topped cupcakes.

Heidi will have to switch up her game. Perhaps she can sneak some weight-gaining protein powder into Posh’s lettuce foam.

for the door:  If we could use this NBC shot of Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham together or something similar (http://intouchweekly.hollywood.com/2008/05/heidi_klums_170000calorie_gift.php)

for the gallery:  recent series of Heidi and Victoria to accompany it.