Madonna Whips NYC Into ‘Hard Candy’ Frenzy

Say what you will about Madonna, the babe knows how to put out. Free, fast, hard, deep and with total control. Last night she took 3,000 die-hards and A-listers to the edge with a “secret” show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom that was streamed live on MSN and on Verizon and Vodafone cells. (Watch the entire thing here.)

And the ecstatic mob lapped up every last, extensively produced second. “All you people I saw sleeping in the street last night,” Madge said to the throngs who had waited for days outside the venue, “this is for you.” Looking rock hard and far from her almost 50 years, Madonna did just six songs, including a fabric-stressing dry-hump with Justin Timberlake to “4 Minutes.” 

The show supported Madonna’s just released Hard Candy, which coincidentally is on track to be her seventh number one disc.

Usually one to “work so hard there’s no time to play,” Madonna unveiled her raspy morning voice on Ryan Seacrest’s early-ayem KIIS-FM radio show, spilling that she and J.T. “tied one on” at an after-party at Touch, across from Roseland. Known for hardly ever imbibing, she says, “I had a shot of tequila—I may have had a lemon drop, too.”

A good night, indeed, for a Queen of Pop who has no intention of giving up her throne.

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