Uma Thurman to Skip Fan Appreciation Day

Uma Thurman testified in Lower Manhattan court against an alleged stalker who’s been sending her disturbing cards, hanging outside her crib and who reportedly tried to break into her trailer on the set of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

In his defense, that movie is terrible, and it’s oddly fitting that it will only be remembered for behind-the-scenes psychotic behavior.

Maryland native Jack Jordan, 37, is the “former” mental patient being tried on charges of misdemeanor stalking and coercion. Jordan was arrested outside Thurman’s apartment in October of last year.

Thurman was reported to be pale and without makeup as she teared up testifying how Jordan made her fear for the safety of her family. She explained her reaction to a card he passed her via an assistant on the set of My Super-Ex Girlfriend.

“I noticed words scribbled out, chocolate, mouth, soft kissing, my hands should be on your body. It was like a nightmare,” Thurman testified. Where did the chocolate come in? Never mind.

Jordan also contacted Uma’s brother and sent her father, a Columbia University professor, all sorts of delusional emails.

“I imagine us in a cave a long time ago, and us mummified,” Uma read. “The only thing that keeps me from going to the river to die is the voice of you and your father.

Thurman says she was “scared.” You would think she’d be kind of used to it. She’s probably received creepier script notes from Quentin Tarantino.

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Uma Testifies Against Stalker