‘HSM’ Kids Ready for Their ‘3’-Some

Aren’t they pretty? Just look at those fresh-scrubbed faces, with such big dreams and dollar signs in their eyes.

From sweet thing Zac Efron to self-style sex kitten Vanessa Hudgens to newly nosed Ashley Tisdale, the High School Musical: Senior Year kids were paraded out for a pre-filming press conference in a Salt Lake City high school auditorium.

Filmed entirely in Utah once again, the third installment finds the East High Wildcats at a crossroads as they prepare to go their separate ways. (High School Musical: The College Years, anyone?!)

And everyone towed the Disney Company line. No Miley-size surprises, just a High School reunion and enough juice to whet teen appetites. “Being back here with everyone, it’s amazing,” Vanessa said, with Zac echoing, “I couldn’t imagine filming anywhere else.”

All together now: Awwww! Now, go start upending your couch cushions for change for the inevitable onslaught of HSM 3 gewgaws, ’cause your kids will think they’re SO much better than that old 2 crap.

Just Jared
High School Musical 3 Press Conference: FIRST PICTURES!