Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Insta-Marriage Confirmed

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Insta-Marriage Confirmed-photo

Queen of the Lambs Mariah Carey, 39, has indeed married actor Nick Cannon, 27, on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera. Latina magazine was first to report that the two tied the knot, though the only known celebrity in attendance was Carey's constant companion, rapper Da Brat. Perhaps she was the thuggish flower girl.

Carey and Cannon met in March when he was cast as the love interest in the video for her upcoming single "Bye, Bye." They got "hot and heavy," and were spotted partying in Las Vegas and last week at a Tribeca fete for the premiere of the songbird's film, Tennessee. (Yes, she acts!)

"[Mariah is] probably the most festive, remarkable person I've ever met," Cannon told MTV News this week. Festive? Is she a damn pinata. Then agan, you can't blame him, she dresses like one.

Cannon himself was engaged last year to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, but they split in October. They had dated for four months prior to their engagement. Anyone see a pattern?

The only possible fly in this ointment, okay, one of the possible flies in this crazy crazy ointment, is the startling resemblance in the engagement ring that Cannon gave Ebanks and the one that Carey was sporting at the movie party.

Granted, it's been determined that the two sparklers are not the same, but they sure look like they came out of the same multimillion-dollar crackerjack box.

When Mariah takes off her pink Marc Jacobs shades and actually takes a gander, the eery resemblance might have Cannon ending up with some very deep stiletto holes in his forehead. Good job on dodging that pre-nup though, son.



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  • john

    I just seen the Megan Fox Sex Tape with her ex boyfriend Ben Leahy. Although the quality is kind of bad i think that is really her blowing that dude.what a whore lol ; )

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  • eicievond

    ...a goddess....

  • Linsey

    And she's not trying to be like Angelina Jolie idiots. Why do you think that because she has a tattoo like her? big deal who cares there both great actors. Megan Fox acts like herself and no one else.

  • Linsey

    She's beautiful and talented i think, whoever doesn't agree with me f*ck off. And people talking sh*t about her why you on this site and wasting you're time writting about her if you hate her? i now she's beautiful without make-up because i've seen her without make-up. I think she's awesome and down to earth and would be awesome to meet her, she's just like us she can just act. She does the same things we do. I love you megan!!!!!!!1

  • Bevinb

    I think Megan Fox is beautiful! She doesn't look like Angelina Jolie and I don't think she is trying to be her either! Everyone who thinks she is- are you saying that any girl with big lips and a few tattoos is an Angelina Jolie wannabe? And Megan IS naturally pretty. (Angelina Jolie is too!) Take away her tan- beautiful. Take away her makeup- you've seen the pictures- SHE'S STUNNING!

  • annabannana56

    I think that u are really beautiful.

  • garry

    man there are to many hatters on this site. shes done nothing to any of you, or your families. take away her makeup and you have a 24 year old beauty, with a killer body. take away angies makeup and you have a older beauty. angie faltered in many films at her begening. as will megan. jennifer made money, just not alot, so it didnt bomb.jonah hex bombed, but not because of her. bad editing, and just plain lazy cast. her 16 minutes were packed with action,and she pulled it off great. as for her future, she will be fine with or without your statements. did it ever occur to you that shes lost a lot of weight and has gotten gaunt. when you lose baby fat it always happens. every one assumes if you look different you got surgery. all indians have high cheek bones, and she has indian in her. she needs nothing from you except the manners to keep it honest, and clean. shes not angie. but if i remember right you same twits were busting her chops a few years back about the same things. now shes a goddess, to you. mymymyangies films bombed all over the place when she started, and still do. only a few have went the distance. so give a girl a break and see what happens. she might surprise you as did angie.....

  • whitecatthorn

    Oh please, she's had so much plastic surgery, cant you people see it? since 2007, she's had 2 nose jobs lip fillers botox chemical peels dental work a boob job a mini brow lift shaved jawline / chin implant cheek fillers / implants. She is as plastic as Heidi and the rest of them. She's lost all of her natural beauty too, I dont think she's beautiful anymore. After her first nose job and lip fillers in 2007 she looked perfect, but she's been having more and more sh*t done to her face since then and now it's starting to look terrible. Why couldnt she just leave her naturally pretty face alone?

  • whitecatthorn

    Megan Fox is not a natural beauty. yes - she was a pretty girl before the plastic surgery, but not perfect. Why does no one ever comment on the surgery? Are you all in denial? What is it? I just DON'T UNDERSTAND it. It's like you've all been brain washed to believe that she is just naturally that good looking and perfect. Even her teeth arent natural Breasts June 2007: 2008: Lips and nose 2006: 2009: Face 2007: botox 2009:

  • robertgraham11

    She's en fuego!

  • Milly

    she looks always mean in the face ;O but she is hot girl and nice actress ;}}}

  • you can have  her
    you can have her

    she ;s got sh*t for brains

  • Melissa

    Cut the fuc***g crap all of you. Megan is still beautiful with or without makeup and she's more beautiful than Angelina and don't assimilate her with Angy because their look is so different and we all can see that. Stop bitching other people because of your goddamn jealousy. Meg doesn't give a sh*T of what you people say about her ..she can see how people die of jealousy.. She's awesome .. love her looks , her personality ..simply adore her ..

  • whitecatthorn

    She has had a lot of surgery. She looked like a different person before it all. Before: (nose before): (nose, teeth, lips) : After: (nose after 1st nose job): (nose after 2nd nose job?): (nose, lips, teeth) :

  • vogue5v

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  • liviart

    i dont understand why people that dislike her waste their time going on he page and looking at her and then taking more time to write stupid comments, really? to me thats jealousy

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  • jenjen7

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    the queen arrived

  • taylorlfan

    OMG!!!!!!these boys in my class love u they want to nm i have a pic of her cus my cUs have a pic of megan fox and its not nasty she not naked r anytin like almost everybody in my class saw that pic and i almost got in trouble and the first to boys who saw the pic almost faint well one of them got krazy it was funny he fell of the table i started crackin up

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  • mike1

    I don't care what they say about Megan.She might be all to full of herself,But she is still one hot,beautiful,talented actress.I will also say i don't believe everything I read,I would like to believe she is like the girl next store,beautiful and down to earth.

  • pakinai

    She pretty sexy shapely.

  • michellebx

    Megan, keep doing what you're doing!! Michelle - at home teeth whitening consultant

  • lina

    i love you megan

  • envied

    haha, if i had a chance to hang out with her for 1 day, then i think i will become lesbian!!!

  • envied

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just drop dead gorgegous! I wish I looked like her!!! Imagine that, if I had her gorgegous looks, then I'll one of the most sexiest woman in the world! LOL!!!

  • jen

    UGH! She is STUCK UP! Just look at her photo! She jsut LOOVES it when ALL EYES ARE ON HER! She can't act, shes stupid, stuck up and selfish.

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  • bride

    she is just so hot

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  • Pedro

    seen your movie transformers,(loved it)i didn't seen the first one in the theater. i made it a point to see the secone one thoue. the seen when u all made it to eyp. (i can't spell good) but u had your head reaped or eyes look really good. actully i could't take my eyes off of them. fyi i am not trying to hit on you i seen a web sit on tv one night so i seen it typed it and this came up so i took it as aprtuitty to talk maby i here from u how know rigth.

  • gav1st

    About the rose boy....come on people Megan has a lot to do in her very busy life...If she had to stop everytime someone handed her a rose she'd be an Ice scater. Why can't people just leave actors alone instead of trying so hard to be total pest. Megans' not a bitch like some of the idiots have said. She seems like a very down to earth person...and I hope she kicks ass in all she does.

  • Valerie

    I concur, Meagan Fox is trying to mimick Angelina Jolie. Quite frankly I don't think she is all that beautiful she looks like a plain woman that wears a lot of makeup and has a fake n' bake tan. Angelina Jolie - no one can ever pass up her exotic look. She doesn't wear all that makeup like Meagan Fox does because she doesn't need to, she's naturally beautiful. Fox is pretty but strip off her make up and suntan and what do you got, a normal all american gal, Angelina Jolie is a natural beauty take off her makeup and she is natural beauty and she doesn't need to suntan to be stop making a big deal out of this girl I think she looks similar to Carmen Electra her looks and her style. Stop making a big deal out of her she hasn't even made any big movies or anything, Big Deal about Meagan Fox already!

  • Arslan Baig
    Arslan Baig

    I Love You. You carry yourself really well and your looks are out of this world.

  • andykissyou

    @stella1040 IDK...maybe..her teeth are perfect,perfect lips,perfect eye shape,wen she smile is more beautiful...X(X(X the tattoos are so SEXY on she.. Is this enough for you @stella1040?

  • stella1040

    shes cool or whatever but why is everyone so inlove with her?

  • cloe

    shes stunning..but take away her fake tan..make up etc..then what are we left with?

  • firefly87

    what's other words for Hot and Gorgeous?she is.

  • supahshawty

    Megan is a wannabe Angie.. Look at her tatoos are almost the same as Angie and her hairdos are just like Angie..

  • Al Pelaez
    Al Pelaez

    She's hot all the way.

  • tenaj


  • megangold

    shes gorgeous who cares about her ass

  • vpopadiuc87

    i think she is pretty !

  • listymist

    she is flatlshe has no ass,that is where she needs to gain some weight

  • llistymist

    she has no ass,she is flat,that is where she needs to gain some weight.

  • listymist

    she is flatlshe has no ass,that is where she needs to gain some weight