Rob Lowe’s Wife Sued for Nude and Lewd

Sheryl Lowe is being accused of sexual harassment by ex-employee Laura Boyce. Former nanny for the Lowe family, Boyce alleges that Rob Lowe’s wife engaged in behavior that resulted in an “extremely sexually offensive and hostile work environment,” according to People magazine.

In the complaint, Laura says that Sheryl frequently walked around the house naked, divulged details about her sex life with her husband and discussed her children’s penis sizes in front of Boyce.

TMZ reports that Boyce alleges Mrs. Rob Lowe once responded to Laura’s calling in sick by saying, “[Boyce] got strep throat from sucking n****r d**k. I mean black d**k,” in reference to the young woman’s boyfriend.

Additionally, Boyce claims wrongful termination and has enlisted the legal services of Gloria Allred, who is also representing former Lowe nanny Jessica Gibson, the first family domestic to file a countersuit against the Lowe family.

Rob’s lawyer Larry Stein says that even if Boyce’s story isn’t BS, it’s still a big whatevs. “The alleged statements by Sheryl are totally unrelated to, and do not provide any support for, Gibson’s claims against Rob.”

Sounds like the premise for a very juicy episode of Fox’s The Moment of Truth…or Maury. Yay, lie detector tests for everyone!

Rob Lowe and his wife at the 2008 White House Correspondents Association Dinner
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