The Jolie-Pitt Clan Honors the Working Man

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are living the high life in France as they await the birth of their twins. The entire family spent May 1, aka Europe’s version of Labor Day called la Fête du Travail, sunning by the pool with nary a care in the world. Perhaps you can pin a photo of some tropical paradise on your cubicle.

“They’ve been getting up early and having pain au chocolat and croissant and muffins for breakfast, and the kids have been watching cartoons. Then late morning, they’ve been going in the pool, which is heated, so the kids love it,” rats out a Brangelina insider to E! News.

The source (one of those maids has a big-ass mouth) says that among the children, Maddox is the strongest swimmer, and his siblings require floaties. Brad wades into the pool and tosses the kids about, while Angelina laughs from her sun lounger.

All while some poor bastard low-level accountant’s air conditioning has conked out on the 101, and he’s in horrifying traffic, wiping away beads of sweat while cursing his life and needing to pee like a doped racehorse.

The kids are being tutored in French. It’s not known if the tykes will become permanent residents of France, but Brad and Angelina are reportedly looking to buy property. The family is staying, for now, at Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s villa. The palace at Versailles must have been booked.

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