It’s All or Nothing for Kanye West

Kanye West makes art, dammit… and listen up, losers, you cannot critique art.

That’s his story, and he’s sticking with it, lashing out hard at Entertainment Weekly’s B+ review by of his Seattle opener of his Glow in the Dark tour, which features sets from N.E.R.D. and Rihanna. B+?! Everyone should score so high.

“Kanye West takes fans on a galactic voyage, folding his hits into a wacked-out space opera that’s the ultimate ego trip,” the mag opines. “He gets you caught up in his journey to the center of the id and pulls off something rare: an intimate spectacle.”

From his energy to his charisma, they loved him, right? Uh, not good enough, for this mama’s boy: “Fuck you and the whole fucking staff!!! Your job forces you to not have fun anymore. Grab a drink, holla at some nice girls, and party bitch!! You don’t know shit about passion and art.”

He continued his blog rant over the weekend after getting reamed in the press for having a hissy fit at his Houston date when the video screens didn’t work, but this time he inexpicably caught himself. “Unfortunately for certain media outlets, you will never be able 2 ‘Michael Jackson’ me. That means 2 make it seem like everything I do is so weird or out of place…they always try 2 make it seem like everything is about my ego! That joke is getting old…With all that said…I’m still the greatest!!! lol!!”

But how do you really feel, Kanye? Maybe modesty is overrated.

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