Jen Aniston & Owen Wilson: Marlins & Me

Jennifer Aniston gets her man! No, sorry, folks, not John Mayer, this one has a timeless hairstyle, and she lands him with the help of Owen Wilson

Their canine-caper flick Marley & Me descended upon a Florida Marlins-San Diego Padres game to enact a scene in which they chase their pooch up and down the stadium steps, and the announcers seem to get caught in the proceedings. When was the last time you got to bring your dog to the ballpark?

Owen & Jen have scored lots of gossip ink lately, hitting up South Florida’s hot spots in this memoir of newspaper columnist John Grogan and his piss-and-vinegar Labrador retriever.

No word yet if anyone bought them peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Sneak a peek at art in action…