Rosie Not Quite Cozy with Barbara Walters

Amid rumors that she’s on the show for the long haul, Rosie O’Donnell joined the coffee klatsch that is the Today Show’s fourth interminable hour, wherein the focus is on the light and airy. Not sure light and airy are two things that emanate from Rosie, but the show get points for trying.

Pushed on Barbara Walters’ comments in her new memoir, Audition, that calls her “a great talent with emotional issues,” O’Donnell kept it atypically under wraps. “Some people confuse passion for rage. I have a lot of passion about things I believe in.”

Citing the Trump lashing and the Elisabeth Hasselbeck blowup that precipitated her departure, O’Donnell feels she “forced Barbara to be more emotional than she’s comfortable with.”

Nice way of saying she goosed the golden egg but good.