The ‘Family Guy’ Guy Is Getting Paid

Seth MacFarlane is the mastermind behind Fox Television’s Family Guy. He just signed a deal with 20th Century Fox TV that will make him the highest paid writer-director in the land.

After two years of negotiations, MacFarlane will reportedly make close to $100 million dollars. That sound you hear is every serious Hollywood auteur drawing a warm bath and preparing to open a vein.

The deal keeps him working with Fox until 2012.

“I get a lot of pleasure out of making shows,” MacFarlane said. “It’s a bonus to be getting paid well for it, and it’s a double bonus to be getting paid exorbitantly for it.” MacFarlane made that statement while making paper airplanes out of $100 bills and throwing them nonchalantly out the window.

Also in MacFarlane’s Family Guy empire is its upcoming spinoff The Cleveland Show for Fox, as well as American Dad. His deal also includes developing live-action TV programs for the company, the first being a multicamera show with Family writer Gary Janetti.

The deal overshadows the one writer-director J.J. Abrams made with Paramont Pictures/Warner Bros. TV in 2006 for $60 million. In fact, MacFarlane’s deal knocks down Abrams’ deal, kicks dirt in its face, unzips its fly and lets loose with an R. Kelly-style stream of gold.