Victoria Beckham Debuts New ‘Do

The fashion-forward Spice Girl sparked a craze among housewives and celebrities who were hoping to copy her severe yet stylish bob. But as can be seen from the waifish fashion plate’s recent appearance on Oprah, as well as her red carpet turn at the Costume Institute’s Gala, Posh Spice has moved on to a new hairstyle.

Sporting fairly severe makeup and an upswept coiffure, Victoria evoked an intense image, perhaps a little too intense, as comparisons to the Bride of Frankenstein were inevitable—perhaps her corpse mask makeup is just a way of scaring the rest of the world away from her hot husband.

As for the Cinnabon perched atop her head, well, if she’s not allowed to eat it, she should at least be able to wear it, don’t you think?


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